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Our Foundations

July 25th, 2011

As we all know, homes in Wisconsin come with basement foundations.  It is the base that the home is built on and the quality of the foundation is extremely important.  All foundation companies are not the same and the quality of the foundation walls are not the same either. 

We use Coello and Associates for our foundations.  We use them for one reason – they are the best.  Over the years, we have worked with many foundation companies and there is no comparison between Coello and Associates and the other foundation companies. 

The differences are alarming! 

Most lay people think foundations are foundations.  You set up the forms and you pour the concrete.  Not exactly! 

Before sending their crew to our jobsites, Coello & Associates thoroughly reviews our plans and then has a supervisor visit the site during excavation to gather as much information about the site to ensure the foundation design will be the best for the subsoil conditions.  From the grade of the lot to the natural soil characteristics, Coello knows the importance of evaluating the site and taking a site-specific approach.  Many pictures are taken of the site, which eventually are digitally cataloged for future need, if necessary. 

Coello & Associates has worked with a local engineering firm to design their foundations to perform in the wide range of soil types found in our area.  Wisconsin code does not require steel reinforcement in poured foundation walls, but Coello knows that reinforcement is needed and puts it in all their basements.  They also understand that the placement of rebar is important, making sure to place it in the walls where it will be most effective and they add extra rebar in areas that will undergo added stress.  Have you ever owned a home with a crack in the basement wall?  Good luck trying to sell a home with a foundation problem.  

Coello not only puts control joints in their foundations walls to control where cracking will occur, but they take the necessary added step to place a piece of rigid material (called waterstop) behind the joints to prevent water from entering at the crack. Other contractors will add joints without waterstop or cut joints in randomly after the walls are up.  That may help control the cracking, but those joints very likely will leak! 

Our carpenters also appreciate that Coello & Associates makes the effort to pour walls with smooth and level tops.  This not only helps out the carpenter, but gives our clients a better product.  A smoother top wall means a more tightly sealed house, which means less air and pest infiltration. 

While the differences in foundation walls are not always seen with the naked eye, the differences in the concrete floors and stoops poured by Coello is visibly evident. Their basement and garage floors are finished smoothly and evenly, showing the signs of true professionals. They also know that a home’s porches are the entryways into the home and they make an extra effort to pour and obtain a beautiful finish.  

Finally, one of the best things that Coello & Associates does is putting a plaque on every basement they pour.  They don’t give us a no-name foundation; they give us one they are proud to stamp with their brand name.  This plaque contains a unique serial number for every job poured and provides their contact information. 

There are many selections in your home that can be upgraded later, but your foundation is one thing that is there to stay and I am proud to provide my customers with a foundation by Coello & Associates.