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United States Housing Update

June 25th, 2015

Most U.S. housing markets are healthy with little chance of a downturn in the near term, indicates the latest quarterly housing market barometer released today by Nationwide, a leading insurance and financial services organization. The forward-looking Health of Housing Markets Report evaluates the housing health outlook for the U.S. and 400 metropolitan areas and includes a national leading indicator score as well as regional readings and breakdowns.

This quarter’s leading indicator score is a very positive 109.4, a slight decrease from last quarter’s record level of 109.8. An index value over 100 suggests the national housing market is healthy, with lower chances of a housing downturn over the next year. The employment, household formation, mortgage market, and house price components of the national index remained positive with the latest available data. Also, with national housing affordability neither undervalued nor overvalued, there is no sign of a national house price bubble.