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About Us

About Us

Trustway Homes has been a leader in home building since 1960. Through the years, we’ve found that “the only constant is change.” Our ability to adapt to advancements in our craft is what sets us above other builders — in fact, we’ve pioneered many advanced building techniques that are now common in our market.  We are a leader in the home building industry, not a follower.

We understand that the model floor plan we have designed may not be exactly what you need for your family so we will make any changes to the home you need and we make these changes for a very competitive and reasonable price.

What does it mean to be a Trustway customer? To begin with, previous customers have consistently given us extremely high grades for our communication during the building process. Our project managers maintain a close relationship with customers, and can easily be reached either by email, cellphone or in-person meetings at the jobsite.

We understand that most clients have never built before so information and communication is critical. We strive to be the most informative and communicative builder in the country. We use a web-based scheduling system which gives you live, up-to-date & accurate information about the status of your home. You see the projected completed date from the day we excavate.  It also gives you the dates that selections need to be made so you can comfortably build your home without constantly wondering what needs to be selected and by when. This is all online, 24/7.

While we build your home, we go the extra mile to keep the jobsite as clean as possible.  We understand this is going to be your family home and we treat it with that understanding.   We vacuum out the house and the wall cavities prior to insulation and guarantee there will be nothing in your exterior walls when the insulation is installed.   The home and the site are constantly monitored and cleaned.  We also give your home the white-glove treatment prior to you moving in.

Our clients are also given a portal where they can access information about their home online, 24/7.   Everything about their home is online; their contract, specifications, construction documents (blueprints) etc.   These can be accessed anytime from a pc, tablet or smartphone which reduces stress if you do not have those documents available to you when needed.  In addition, weekly photos are uploaded weekly to help you see the progress of your home even if you visit it regularly.

Changes are done online using an electronic signature.   Change orders can be paid for with a credit balance, check or credit card.   A complete running total is available online at any time.

To assist you with the decisions for your home, we have an on-staff interior designer who will seamlessly guide you through the selection process.

The thought of building a new home can be overwhelming.  But, at Trustway Homes, we have been told by many clients that building with us was one of their best buying experiences ever.