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ADA Accessible Homes

ADA Accessible Homes

ADA accessible homes

The Need For ADA Accessible Homes

As Americans start getting older, they still like their independence. ADA accessible homes become necessary for any disabled person to live comfortably without restrictions placed upon them. These ADA accessible homes can be built under certain specifications to make sure any disabled or elderly person can still move within the spaces while still being able to operate every necessary appliance and useful item around the home.

Trustway understands the need for ADA accessible homes, and they can meet any need you or a loved one has. They can build according to the ADA specifications that are set to ensure comfortable living regardless of disability. Many people have found great use of ADA accessible homes because of the ease of movement and functionality the homes have to offer. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has certain regulations and requirements for homes to be built with specifications for physically disabled people, and Trustway knows exactly how to comply.

ADA accessible homes will have large enough openings for wheelchair access, which will allow anyone to move freely throughout the space with no problems. Many other aspects in ADA accessible homes also need to be considered, like the height of light switches, counter tops, and  closet shelving, to name a few.

It is vital for any American to be independent when they are disabled, regardless of the circumstances. The ADA accessible homes that are built by Trustway ensure you or your loved ones can stay in their own homes for their entire lives because of the accessibility they allow for in every room. They follow every regulation and height requirement to make sure movement becomes much easier and help is not always necessary. In ADA accessible homes built by Trustway, the bathrooms will have all the assistance necessary for the toilet and the shower, and the sinks will be of the proper height to make sure access is available. You can build ADA accessible homes by Trustway to ensure a better future for you and your loved ones.